Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Do at least 1 important task before looking at email.

2. Let your clients/co-workers/managers know when you are and are not available.

3. Fix one thing in your home that is bugging you.

4. Make a call instead of sending email if it is going to be a discussion.

5. Take work breaks at least once every 90 minutes.

6. Concentrate fully when you are on a phone call.

7. Remember that rest will make you a better worker (plus you will be more enjoyable to be around.)


Simplifying your life can feel overwhelming

If you try to overhaul your life all at once, you will resist most of the way. That’s just the way human beings are. At big changes we sabatage ourselves, lose focus and move onto something else.

Instead, I like to help people make changes slower, a little bit at a time. With my brand new, inexpensive 365 Simplicity Tips ebook you can get tips on…


how to declutter

creating working simpler systems

what to do with time off

dealing with your finances with integrity

having quality relationships

questions to help you listen to your inner life

By next New Year’s your life could be running smoother, you could be taking more relaxing time and you could be doing what is important to you.

It’s up to you!

Get the 365 Tips for a Saner, Simpler Life



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