Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Slow down and savor one meal.

2. What is important to you in the next month?

3. Play with one of the things you want to learn this season.

4. Bring your music outside and enjoy the evening.

5. Use a full lunch hour.

6. Have breakfast for dinner.

7. Make your own popsicles and save money.


Do you feel overburdened? Overwhelmed? Pushed down?

Then get ready for the Lighten Up teleclass. I’ll be sharing how to feel light as a butterfly and free as the breeze.

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Can you picture a simplified life in your mind? In this one month course you will: Zap your energy drains ~ Clean up your environment ~ Create satisfying routines ~ Streamline your life ~ Learn how to slow down ~ Create boundaries ~ Carve out time for yourself ~ Simplify your errands ~ Manage your finances ~ Create a simple wardrobe ~ Connect with the people you love ~ Beat procrastination ~ Get a life instead of a lifestyle ~ Eliminate projects and to do’s and more!

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