Weekly Simplicity Tips


1. Since many kids are on summer break it’s a great time to train them on new chores.

2. Work with others as allies instead of comparing and competing.

3. Speak only positively for one full day.

4. Have plants that are easier to take care of.

5. Plan a time to get together with your extended family.

6. Decide on three goals for tomorrow – one work, one home and one personal.

7. Draw, doodle, paint, or make something.


Lighten Up Teleclass

July 8, 2008

5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern

Do you remember the freedom, fun and aliveness of summer? The sun on your head as you ran. The breeze from the swings as you touched your feet to the sky.

Laughing so hard you rolled on the grass. Exploring places unknown. Creating adventures.

Those days seem long gone, now that we have the seriousness of making a living, taking care of people, paying the bills.

Wouldn’t you like…

  • to feel that joy again?
  • to be relaxed instead of stressed?
  • to be able to take a little time for yourself?
  • to create an atmosphere of laughter in your home?
  • to let go of striving and pressure for a bit?
  • to say during Labor Day weekend, "That was a fantastic summer!"

Don’t let this summer slip away from you again. We all need time to relax, reflect and lighten up.

Join me for the Lighten Up Teleclass:



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