Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Keep your master list of everything that needs to be done, separate from your daily to do list to prevent overwhelm.

2. Pause for a few moments to look outside.

3. Buy your presents now.

4. Are you caught up on your bills?

5. Stay in at least 2 evenings this week.

6. Finish planning your Thanksgiving.

7. What does your body need right now?

Get Things Done Procrastination Course

Have you had great ideas, but never followed-through? Do household chores and work tasks not get done because you don’t like to do them? Do you want to start exercising and eating right, but just haven’t gotten to it yet? Do you spend so much time on other people’s projects, you don’t have time for your own? Do time wasters like TV, chatting and shopping eat up time for your goals? Does the thought of all your to do’s drain your energy?



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