Weekly Simplicity Tips


1. Celebrate last year – what was great!
2. Forgive someone for a clean slate.
3. Set aside an hour to work on little, neglected to dos (Check out get it done day).
4. Take a walk and enjoy the season.
5. Schedule one day a month for the next year just for you.
6. Consolidate so you have just one planner.
7. Plan a monthly menu – ask everyone’s favorite meals. (If a month sounds like too much, try one week).


It’s time to complete things so we can get started on this new year.

Get It Done Day is back!

On Jan. 8th, from 3pm-9pm EST

We start the chat creating a list of what we want to get done Thursday. Then at the top of each hour we will check in with each other in the chat room. We can encourage each other, laugh with each other than get set up for the next round.

For $2, you can come as little or as long as you want. What do you want motivation to complete?



The 2009 Declutter Calendar is here!