Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Hang your keys on a key rack or place them in a bowl by the door.

2. Add twice as much time for projects as you think you will need.

3. Plan a catch up day to tackle all those little to do’s you haven’t gotten around to doing. (Look below for our next Get it Done Day)

4. Check your insurance policies. See if you can get a better deal and if you have enough coverage.

5. Remove candles from your home that produce toxins, stick with soy and beeswax candles.

6. "Commonplaces never become tiresome. It is we who become tired when we cease to be curious and appreciative." – Norman Rockwell

7. Nurture your houseplants. (I am sorry my african violet)


Next Get it Done Day

I want to have another Get it Done Day in February, since our last one was such a great success. I want to pick a time and day that works best for you though. Could you quick click which is the optiminum time and date for you here:


Simpler, Saner Life Makeover contest

I am planning a saner, simpler life contest this month, for one lucky winner to get free coaching among other things. Keep your eyes out!


The 2009 Declutter Calendar is here!