Weekly Simplicity Tips

1. Be thankful for indoor plumbing as you clean your bathroom this week.

2. Tackle and complete 3 things you have been procrastinating on.

3. Save time by putting things away as soon as you are done with them.

4. Donate, sell or trade at least 5 books from your bookshelves.

5. Identify the triggers that make you want to go shopping.

6. Leave 10 minutes early for every appointment this week.

7. Connect with at least one friend.



Next Get it Done Day

Thanks for answering the poll questions. I will be alternating Saturdays and Thursdays and the overwhelming amount wanted morning starts.

The next Get it Done Day will be Saturday Feb 21st. Starting at 9am and going til 3 pm EST. Coming and going whenever you are able.

We start the chat creating a list of what we want to get done Saturday. Then at the top of each hour we will check in with each other in the chat room. We can encourage each other, laugh with each other than get set up for the next round.

For $2, you can come as little or as long as you want. What do you want motivation for to complete?

Simpler, Saner Life Makeover contest

Could you use a saner, simpler life? Tell me why here:


and you could win my courses and coaching. I look forward to choosing the 4 finalists Monday morning, Feb 23rd.


The 2009 Declutter Calendar is here!