Weekly Simplicity Tips

1) What is coming up that you need to prepare for?

2) Donate 5 clothing items.

3) Tackle your email inbox and see how many emails you can delete or archive.

4) Spend at least 2 hours this Saturday doing something fun.

5) Do you have binders of information you know longer need that you can get rid of?

6) Go to catalogchoice.org to opt out of more than 1,100 different catalogs.

7) Declutter as a good example to your children and friends.



Simpler, Saner Life Makeover contest

And the winner of the contest is…

Kathy. Congratulations!

Kathy said, " I am completely overwhelmed and need help. Where do I start – divorced, middle aged, overweight, fibromyalgia, two children both with special needs one full-care in a wheelchair the other with sensory problems and learning disabilities, acting out, three years of litigation and paperwork, Special education testing and plans paperwork, X walked out for another woman, 2 hours a day commuting, sold 10 year family home all by myself, downsized my home by 2/3 and my family by 1/2 (my child in the wheelchair lives with his dad), trying to restart my career in terrible economy and after 10 years at home, dinner, spelling, math facts, packing lunches, sports, durable medical equipment, daipers, toys, SLEEP, my apartment looks like a cross between a habitrail and King Tut’s tomb. I am having a hard time juggling it all and letting go and starting over. Would love some intensive, personalized help in organizing life."

Kathy, please email me and I can get you started on a simpler, saner life.

Look for blog posts as Kathy and I go on this journey and you can all get tips on simplifying your lives.

 saner, simpler life course

Can you picture a simplified life in your mind? In this one month course you will: Zap your energy drains ~ Clean up your environment ~ Create satisfying routines ~ Streamline your life ~ Learn how to slow down ~ Create boundaries ~ Carve out time for yourself ~ Simplify your errands ~ Manage your finances ~ Create a simple wardrobe ~ Connect with the people you love ~ Beat procrastination ~ Get a life instead of a lifestyle ~ Eliminate projects and to do’s and more!

The Simplicity eCourse:


The 2009 Declutter Calendar is here!