Weekly Simplicity Tips

  1. Create a shortcut on your desktop or quick launch of a computer folder you visit daily.
  2. Experiment with green friendly cleaners like Method and Seventh Generation.
  3. For safer leftovers use plastics only with recycling labels #1, #2 and #4 or glass containers.
  4. Filter your drinking water instead of using plastic water bottles.
  5. Use a master list for everything you need to do, but a short daily to do list. Try keeping the list to 3-10 items.
  6. Pause for a minute every hour to check in with yourself.
  7. Plan an evening to do something enjoyable.



Next Get it Done Day

The next Get it Done Day will be Thursday March 19th. Starting at 9am and going til 3 pm EST. Come and go whenever you are able.

We start the chat creating a list of what we want to get done Thursday. Then at the top of each hour we will check in with each other in the chat room. We can encourage each other, laugh with each other than get set up for the next round.

For $2, you can come as little or as long as you want. What do you want motivation for to complete?

The 2009 Declutter Calendar is here!