Weekly Simplicity Tips

My free declutter calendar:



1. Get someone to help you with something technical you are having difficulty with.
2. Create or update your resume. Throw out old ones.
3. Have a media free day – no radio, tv, books, magazines or internet.
4. "He who is virtuous is happy" – Aristotle. Unhappiness occurs when you go against what you belief is right.
5. Keep a stack of 5 books you are reading and alternate among them before you start a new book.
6. What makes you wonder?
7. Look at something beautiful for a full minute.


Openings for Fall

Having trouble decluttering, simplifying or finishing that project? Would you like one on one accountability and personalized help? Do you feel stuck somewhere and could use support to get through that? How would it feel to be able to move forward on that big goal?


Declutter Group

Keep an eye out next week, the last declutter group of the year will be opening. We will start mid-sept.