Weekly Simplicity Tips


  1. Let go of one self limiting belief.
  2. Improve one system in your life
  3. Read one poem.
  4. Where are you dulling your awareness?
  5. Ask yourself how an optimist would look at one of your current situations.
  6. Eat your dinner slowly.
  7. Do the thing you are resisting first today.

I like to put the tips into my calendar to remind me throughout the week.

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Would a Group Motivate You?

declutter club

I was talking with a relative who was asking what the Declutter Group was. I was explaining about the accountability and the plan that helps people get over the hurdle of not knowing how to start. This relative is completely organized and was a bit baffled why you’d need to check in with people. Someone who took the course mentioned that it is very motivating to know you have promised progress to someone. It makes you want to get it done so you can share with the group. If this sounds like it would motivate you click the link below to find out more.

Starts Oct 5


It’s a great time to get some decluttering done before the holidays!