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I decided to not have expectations about my birthday this year or try to plan something spectacular. I realized I was setting myself up for trying to create the ‘perfect birthday.’ The pressure. Instead I had a laid back day of reading, watching movies and hanging out with my family.

And yesterday I went to a Fall Retreat with Jan Lundy. I feel so refreshed and strengthened after retreats.

  1. Allow yourself to rest when you get sick.
  2. Stay in one evening and read under the blankets.
  3. Are you hiding any purchases from a significant other?
  4. Declutter your bedside tables.
  5. Get to the bottom of one paper pile.
  6. Quit obsessing about perfection and enjoy life as it is.
  7. Get back to a childlike wonder at holidays instead of only thinking about the work.


Take care of yourself during this flu season

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  • Mike Mesh says:

    Nice post. Good seven point list.

  • I think the one I lack the most is #1. I handle a double lifestyle, with regular work and my own side projects on my free time. Time and time again I feel so tired and feel like not doing anything yet I try to push through.

    One day I said “enough already” and went to bed and read a good book. Slept early and woke up late. It felt like I was reborn. Now I try to get my rest on a weekly basis, but the over-achiever side of me gets the best of me from time to time.

  • Jan says:

    I really like this list! It is clear and concise, but very powerful. I am a big believer in jammie days, taking time to do nothing but fill our own wells. Today is one of those for except for a little blogging. May we live more gently with ourselves.

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