Weekly Simplicity Tips

I have finished the 2010 Declutter Calendar! I would love if you could send the link below to your friends and relatives that have been wanting to declutter.

This is the year you get your
house under control with My Simpler Life’s
2010 Declutter Calendar. One small area to
declutter each day of the year. Find it here:



  1. See the lights, smell the fragrances, and feel the coziness of the season.
  2. Keep breathing.
  3. Try a silent night (or few minutes).
  4. Let go of what didn’t get accomplished.
  5. Enjoy your food mindfully.
  6. Ask questions to find out more about the people around you.
  7. Do some annual planning.


Is Clutter Overwhelming You?

Declutter Group

Join me a we create a great plan for decluttering your life and enjoy fun support! I have declutter groups twice a year in January and again in the fall. I love hearing about how much people declutter during our 8 weeks together. Wouldn’t it feel great to have your home with a lot less clutter by March?

The next one starts in January:


You can check out all my programs and courses here: