I am so thankful to everyone that forwarded to calendar sign up. We have grown our community and more people are joining us in decluttering their homes.

Also, keep an eye out Jan 10 for a giveaway in the newsletter (not on the blog). I am doing with 13 other mompreneurs. We’ll be giving away 15 products chock-full of ideas that will propel you forward in your work and family life.


  1. What are your top 5 priorities for the next 3 months?
  2. Put unused reference files into storage.
  3. Create your simple spending plan: http://www.mysimplerlife.com/create-a-simple-spending-plan
  4. Make a plan to get together with a friend or family member monthly.
  5. Think of one relationship that is extremely draining to spend less time with this year.
  6. Declutter as you put up your decorations.
  7. Make a smoothie for breakfast.

Declutter Group is filling fast

Declutter Group

I’m so excited to get this new year started by helping a bunch of you declutter your homes. If you’d love the comraderie of doing a project together, please join us. Wouldn’t it feel great to have your home with a lot less clutter by March?

The next one starts January 18:


You can check out all my programs and courses here:


Sign up for the Declutter Calendar and Weekly Tips Here: http://www.mysimplerlife.com/decluttercalendar.htm

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  • Mary

    Hi I already subscribe to your email newsletter and am a bit behind downloading the declutter calendar which I have been able to do for the last two year BUT now it says I have to re-sign up for the newsletter but when I try it gives me an error and won’t let me. I would really like to use this again and a speedy response would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks a bunch

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