Weekly Simplicity Tips

I was talking with a few people this week, and one of the greatest barriers for a simpler life is the idea that your life is just too complicated, messy and difficult right now. If you resign yourself to never being able to simplify, you won’t. But, everyone can make their lives a little simpler. Making a menu plan, asking for help, taking 30 seconds to just breathe.

Just because you can’t have a simple life right now, doesn’t mean it can’t be simpler.


  1. Get some sunlight.
  2. Spend 20 minutes with no technology.
  3. What work are you resisting? Can you do 5 minutes?
  4. Keep up with the laundry. (tip: if it’s out of control, take it down to the laundry mat to get it done all at once.)
  5. Set up as many bills as possible for automatic payments.
  6. Are you in too many groups?
  7. Decide on one thing that you will accomplish today.


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