Weekly Simplicity Tips


Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

Happy New Year!

1. Make a simple one week goal and complete it

2. Expect to work extra hard this week and plan for a fun weekend afternoon

3. Sit down for 5 minutes this afternoon to relax

4. Invite some friends over to play cards or Yatzee – simple

5. List 3 ways to save money this month

6. Check to see if all the Christmas decorations are put away

7. Make that phone call you have procrastinated on


Brand New ‘Simple Annual Planning’



Beth Dargis

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  • Audra says:

    Hi Beth,

    I love your writing style and have been enjoying your Simplicity Tips. For some reason, I’m not getting them anymore. I tried subbing under another email addy and never got a confirmation for that either. 🙁 I think it might be the anti-spam program my husband put on our server. If that’s the case, if you send an email from that address a couple of times, it should let it through. I guess spammers only spam once from a given email address.

    I really miss your tips and was so looking forward to this year’s Simplicity Calendar to get me started on the right foot. Thanks for your help.

    Oh and I tried opening the 2005 calendar, but it said I needed a password which is weird because I could access it before. Maybe I forgot about the password?

  • encourag says:

    Hi Audra,

    The password was 2005 (I know tricky ;). Send me an email and I will get you the link to the new calendar. I’ll take a look at the database to make sure things are going out to you.



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