Weekly Simplicity Tips



  1. Choose to be content today.
  2. Take deep breathing breaks throughout the day.
  3. Sell or give away dvds and video games you haven’t been using.
  4. Try re-purposing something you have at home before buying new.
  5. Create a 5 min. task list in your to do list for short bursts of time.
  6. All choices have plus and minuses. Decide something today.
  7. Think of a current problem in a hopeful way where you know there are options.

Don’t just read the tips – schedule and do them.



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  • Diane says:

    Hi Beth
    For the summer I have decided to set a goal “clothing”. I am taking 15 mins a day to do something that has to do with clothing. So folding, laundry, purging or organizing.
    I dont want to do too much that I will get sick of it just taking it a little step at a time. I am going to blog about my goal this summer!!!!!!!!!

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