Weekly Simplicity Tips

My son starts college this week. He’ll be commuting, so he’s still at home. But, this week has been a mess of financial aid snafus, getting overpriced books, and fixing class schedules. Now we know what to do (and what not to do) for next semester. We refreshed with a couple of afternoons at the beach.

  1. Get caught up on your laundry. Use the laundrymat if you have a ton.
  2. Limit other beverages besides water.
  3. Before buying new, see if there is something you already own that would work.
  4. Put out of season shoes and clothes away.
  5. How is the health of your houseplants?
  6. Next time you need to buy new cosmetics or cleaners, choose natural ones.
  7. Do some progressive muscle relaxation.


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