Weekly Simplicity Tips

I enjoyed camping with family and friends this Labor Day weekend. Now everyone is starting school and going back to work. I am playing with my Autumn Routine now.

I updated the New Habits course and thought it might be fun to get people together to play with a new habit this September. Don’t worry if you didn’t start right on Sept 1. I am starting today since I was out of town 4 days.

First sign up here:

The ecourse will help you stay focused and accountable for your new habit.

When you decide on your habit, post here in the comments. And every week, I’ll post at the blog and we can check in on the habit we want to create.

My new habit for September is to use my back massager or neck release tool every evening as a migraine preventative measure.

  1. Give your car a good scrub down inside and out.
  2. How are you wiser than a few years ago?
  3. Stop work for a couple of minutes to stretch.
  4. Write down what you want your family to do instead of only asking.
  5. Go through your bills/financial files to organize.
  6. Have a spot in the fridge for leftovers so you are reminded to use them up.
  7. Take walks in your neighborhood to get to know the neighbors.


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