Weekly Simplicity Tips

I couldn’t believe it – I didn’t have to buy anything new for the school year for my 16 year old daughter. She took such good care of her school supplies last year. I got to meet my new Sunday School class of 1st graders this weekend. I am also doing more writing now that people are back to school and work during the day time. 

  1. What do you keep buying that you have more than enough of?
  2. Throw out expired sunscreen.
  3. Can you see your floors in your home?
  4. Take 20 minutes to do nothing.
  5. Sept 25th is Family Health & Fitness day check in out at fitnessday.com/family
  6. Make a list of what you would like to change in your home. Plan a time to tackle one.
  7. Make a list of what you like about your home.


I’ve done this 100 Day Challenge from the Goals Guy for the past two years, and you can get great results in this final burst of the year.

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