Weekly Simplicity Tips

I worked really hard last week, so I played really well this weekend. My fall routine is giving me structure while allowing me to be creative. I am playing with a couple of ideas for my business, including a financial organizing class this fall. Email me at beth @ mysimplerlife.com if you are interested.

  1. Savor an apple.
  2. Try being alone for at least 5 minutes.
  3. Look around the room you are in and get up and organize or change on little thing.
  4. Play calming music while you eat dinner.
  5. Declutter things that are itchy or uncomfortable.
  6. Take a deep breath when you come home – any areas need scent fixing?
  7. Trade buying something new for a massage.


I’ve done this 100 Day Challenge from the Goals Guy for the past two years, and you can get great results in this final burst of the year.

(Full Disclosure, this is an affiliate link)


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