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The change of the seasons was felt strongly here. There was a nip in the air on a couple family hikes. The blankets came out, apple cider sipped, and complaints voiced in the morning about how it was too cold to ride the bike to school. But, she rode anyway.

I also got to see my little sister’s baby. My aunt insisted I be the first to hold Morrigan. She is adorable!


This is the time of year I start preparing the calendar. The past few years it has been a declutter calendar. I put a poll up so you can vote for what calendar you would like:

Which calendar do you want for 2011?


(I also created a fan page after a friend’s father got one for his business. I resisted a long time, but if he can have one – I can have one 🙂


  1. Do one thing that needs completing.
  2. Clear one pile.
  3. Is your morning wake up time working for you?
  4. Play music while you clean this week.
  5. Make a call you have been putting off.
  6. Is there any obligation you can remove from your life?
  7. Be more flexible with your plans.


I’ve done this 100 Day Challenge from the Goals Guy for the past two years, and you can get great results in this final burst of the year.

(Full Disclosure, this is an affiliate link)


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