Weekly Simplicity Tips

I had a major workload this week as I facilitated a speaker getting ready for a conference. And I was on week 2 of a cold. I found that the days I said I was "too busy" for self care were the worst days. The days I started with quiet time and ended with relaxation were much better. Always having to get re-taught the lessons 🙂

  1. Where in your life are you being too hard on yourself and need some gentleness?
  2. Attach something you want to do with something you don’t want to do. (Like browsing a bookstore after you go to the dentist.)
  3. Practice communitcating sincerely without the mask.
  4. Get energy by doing the one thing on your to do list that scares you.
  5. Remember, how you are being affects others in your life.
  6. What is the next right thing to do?
  7. Do something fanciful, silly, or whimsical today.


Simple Self Care Playbook

If you are forgetting to take care of yourself, this is a simple tool to get you back on track.

You can find it right under the Simple Self Care Program:



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