Weekly Simplicity Tips

Declutter Calendar

I’ve been working hard on the 2011 calendar and it’s all complete. Yea!

This year, based on the survey, is a combination declutter and organizing calendar.


  1. Finish your shopping at one store.
  2. Let go any remaining decorating.
  3. Do one less baking or cooking item.
  4. Quick clean your home.
  5. Stock the fridge.
  6. Decide not to complain or whine this holiday season.
  7. Celebrate!

Simple Annual Planning

Have you made past resolutions only to have the same ones this year?

Do you find all those goal setting guides complicated and not realistic for your full life?

Do you want to find a practical way to achieve a year you love?

You don’t need more confusing and overcomplicated goal setting programs. You want a simple way to create your year that doesn’t require a huge planner, charts and graphs, and tons of time.

My simple plan will show you:

  • What you really want
  • How to make room for your goals
  • Simple techniques to taking action
  • How to plan a less hectic year
  • How to create environments that support your goals
  • How to plan to achieve your aspirations

Simple Annual Plan



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