Weekly Simplicity Tips


My son has been helping a friend who lost all his possessions when his house exploded from a gas leak. They are so grateful that no people were in the house or got hurt. Makes you re-evaluate what’s important.


  1. Go through 5 file folders to see what you can eliminate.
  2.  Decide people have a right to their own feelings and it’s not up to you to change them.
  3.  In order to share your blessings, you need to see what they are.
  4. What are you excited about in your life right now? Do more of that.
  5. What is draining your energy? Do less of that.
  6. Turn saving money into a game. How much can I save at the grocery store this week? How many days can I go without spending on non-essentials?
  7.  No time for exercise? Try these under 20 minute or less workouts:


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