Weekly Simplicity Tips

Jon’s birthday would have been yesterday. One of Jon’s friends brought over a bonsai plant. I took many healing walks and watched the stars one night through telescopes. We even saw Saturn.

I’ve decided I wanted to add more fun to August. And have it be a mystical, sparkling, serene month.


Warmly, Beth

  1. Plan a daily ritual to center yourself – prayer, jogging, journaling.
  2. Keeping fit, connecting with people and growth all makes us happy. Have you included these in your schedule this week?
  3. Set a monthly limit on credit card spending so you know you can pay it off each month.
  4. When you take on a new committment, end or finish an old one.
  5. Set aside time to think through an issue or problem. (Not worry!)
  6. Don’t do things because you want people to ask, "How does she do it all?"
  7. Cancel one magazine subscription.


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