Weekly Simplicity Tips

The weather cooled off this week and we were able to get out for a walk every day. Dragonflies and butterflies followed us.


It was picnic day in my little town, so my daughter and I ate lunch in the picnic benches downtown and chatted with a nice elderly couple.

This weekend, since school is coming up I re-did my daily rhythm which is my routine. I change it quarterly because things change with the seasons. And I can’t stay in a routine longer than that.

Warmly, Beth

P.S. I upgraded my wordpress this week so some of the things on my blog went screwy. Let me know if you find anything out of whack. Thanks!


  1. Pick on a project that is not moving ahead and work on it 5 min a day.
  2. Ask yourself if you are keeping busy to stay away from certain feelings.
  3. Set the timer for 15 minutes and see how many files you can go through.
  4. Start planning your next vacation, even if just in your head.
  5. Try something new.
  6. Declare a small stuff day where you quickly burst through those little nagging tasks.
  7. Leave 10 minutes early for everything.


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