Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

I spent this week in an abundance of self care: daily exercise and quiet time, time with friends, getting outside, a massage and haircut, extra sleep, church, hanging out with my family and I feel myself healing.

Leaf in Pipe

Photo by Brea Dargis

Warmly, Beth


  1. Plan where you are going for Thanksgiving.
  2. If you have a desk job, move every half hour.
  3. Eat a more seasonal breakfast. What sounds good right now?
  4. Put a good hand moisturizer at your desk.
  5. Listen to a new music artist you haven’t heard before.
  6. When it’s time to replace your next cosmetic, choose an all natural one.
  7. Let go of any perfume that is going darker or no longer smells good.


Why Do You Need a Retreat?

Ask yourself: when was the last time I took time alone?

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Do you want to escape your life for a little while? Does everyone seem to annoy you?

Do you feel hollowed out mentally, spiritually or physically?

Are you in the midst of transition and change? Or have a decision you need to make?

Perhaps you have felt you have lost yourself under stacks of to do lists and other people’s expectations?

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