Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

Our first snow of the season didn’t last long. It melted in time for my family to take a few long hikes.



Me sending milkweed fluff into the air


Warmly, Beth


  1. Put all your clothes away and finish the laundry cycles completely.
  2. Make sure you have all the necessary gear for the upcoming season (gloves, swimsuit, hat)
  3. Plan the Thanksgiving menu and if it’s at your house ask for help.
  4. Fix anything that is annoying you in the kitchen.
  5. Scan or photograph some of the cards you want to keep so you don’t have many to store.
  6. Order freebies now, to get them in time for stocking stuffers.
  7. Hold hands for your blood pressure (and because it’s fun.)




Starts Monday Nov. 14th

For the past couple years, I have gone from seeing time as a tyrannical task master to seeing time as an abstract concept. It’s fluid and subjective.


  • I rarely rush even when I think I will be late.
  • I no longer have to do lists that seize me up as soon as I look at them.
  • I know the difference between Soft Time and Hard Time
  • My priorities are actual priorities
  • I listen to my intution more when finding my next to do
  • I have quit my over-planning tendency

Just the other day a friend and I were lost in Grand Rapids, MI. She said, "I am so glad you aren’t getting all upset that we will be late for the concert." Time just isn’t a concept I like to get upset about anymore.

I want to help you change your whole relationship with time.


The class is coming up Monday, the 14th, so if this interests you sign up now!

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