Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. Much of this week was spent in declutter club prep and answering questions. I am so excited because this group has really moved people forward in their decluttering. And yes it is still open to people who want to join today. Starts at 8pm ET tonight!



Warmly, Beth


  1. Consider only a few things on your list as must dos, everything else is a bonus.
  2. Find out how much gas is going to cost you on your next trip:
  3. Hire someone to do something that isn’t getting done.
  4. Write down how much screen time you have a day (computer, TV, video, cell phone).
  5. Practice doing one thing at a time today.
  6. Be polite to those with whom you live.
  7. Save no to one request today.



Declutter Club begins April 23

Does your home nurture you? Or isn’t it squishing you out with the clutter? If your flat surfaces always are piled with stuff and you run into things too often with your shins, join us in creating homes that you want to be in.