Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. I’ve had a delightful week! Seeing a local production of the H.M.S. Pinafore that a friend was in. Great job Mary Ellen! Seeing my sister and niece who came into town this weekend. Happy Birthday, Debbie! And going to Windmill Island with Brea and Jeff. We’ve lived here for years and have never visited this tourist attraction.






Pictures by Brea Dargis


And yes it is still open to people who want to join today. Starts at 8pm ET tonight!

Also we had quite a few people join the Declutter Group this week, after the first chat. So if you still want to join, join before 8pm Eastern tonight so you don’t miss tonight’s chat.



30 Day Spending Fast

And finally, I will be doing a Spending Fast starting tomorrow. The goal is to only spend on necessities for a month.

Read more about it here:


Warmly, Beth


  1. Start your own spending fast
  2. Keep a pair of sunglasses in your car, so you don’t have to go back inside.
  3. Make your facebook better:
  4. When you get ready in the morning, take out what you need and put on right side of the bathroom counter. Move items to the left. Then put them all away at once, should take less than 30 seconds.
  5. If you have lost services/value with something you have i.e. phone or cable, contact them to see if you can get a discount.
  6. Keep up with your current duties and maintenance, before tackling the backlog.
  7. If you can’t keep up with your current duties and maintenance, it’s time to let something go.



Declutter Group – Missed the last chat? It’s ok, get in now

You want a simple plan, that will integrate into your busy life and will solve your clutter problem.

So I have created the: 6-Week "Get a Handle on Your Clutter" Group. I love simplicity as most of you know, so I didn’t want this to be a complicated, time waster.

Instead I have laid out the plan step-by-step in an easy to use workbook.

With weekly chats in my chat room and message boards for daily challenges with one another you will get the support and encouragement you need to keep on going. You are definitely not the only one struggling with your home.

Read more about the Declutter Club here.