Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. After a blazing week, like most of the US, we finally got a couple of cool mornings and evenings. I had the beach much to myself on a walk Sunday morning. And walked by a lake through trails today. I felt completely peaceful after my walk. Then on the way home an aggressive driver was weaving in and out. I felt myself tighten up, then send love came to me. I felt a little silly sending out loving thoughts to the driver. But tried it anyway. Maybe he was late or having a hard time. I wished him love and peace. I don’t know if he felt it, but I felt more loving and more peaceful when I was done.

Warmly, Beth


  1. Make your word good and keep your agreements. But make less of them.
  2. Keep agreements with yourself. But make less of them.
  3. Make your requests of others clear.
  4. Double how long you think something will take before you accept a new project.
  5. When you are especially stressed, let yourself do less.
  6. Allow yourself empty space in your calendar.
  7. Keep the last half hour of your work day empty to finish up things.



Why Do You Need a Retreat?

Ask yourself: when was the last time I took time alone?

Have you been stuffing down feelings trying to keep it all together?

Do you want to escape your life for a little while? Does everyone seem to annoy you?

Do you feel hollowed out mentally, spiritually or physically?

Are you in the midst of transition and change? Or have a decision you need to make?

Perhaps you have felt you have lost yourself under stacks of to do lists and other people’s expectations?

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