Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. I am almost done with the Declutter Calendar 2013. Yea!

Also, I am doing one more course this year after the Declutter Group, but want a class that you want. So here is my one question survey, do you want the time class or the finance class:


Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. It’s back to school time. What do you want to learn?
  2. Hide political posts in facebook so you can stay friends after the election:http://lifehacker.com/5940319/how-to-block-annoying-political-posts-on-facebook
  3. Freeze cuts of meat in smaller, dinner sized packages for easier defrosting.
  4. Write your to do list in the evening to help you sleep better, knowing you have everything written down.
  5. If you are feeling anxious, start writing it out. Get clear. A specific thing you are fearful of is much easier to work with than vague anxiety.
  6. Take care of any paper in the kitchen.
  7. When your energy flags, do a little dance and then do the next easy thing.


Are You Stuck in Your Decluttering?

Declutter Group


Why do I think the declutter group would be helpful to you?

  • You can establish the declutter habit
  • You can get unstuck if you have not been decluttering
  • You can get help with specific items and declutter situations. Wouldn’t you love to go, "I have this ______, what should I do with it?"
  • A group to cheer you on and to be accountable to

Starts Sept 24, 2012


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