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Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. So I got the survey results and it looks like I’ll be doing the finance class this October. Can’t wait!

I’m a day late on the newsletter, because I was in Kansas City where I was at my cousin’s beautiful wedding by a lake. Sarah and Carl are made for each other. I loved visiting with all my relatives. And we got to eat Kansas City BBQ. Yum! 

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. Have a happier trip by packing a light blocking face mask and ear plugs.
  2. Your life stays smaller when you don’t allow yourself to make mistakes. Where are you holding back so you don’t err?
  3. If your life feels loud and distracting, try driving without the music or audio on.
  4. Set up any eye appointments you need.
  5. Write a thank you note.
  6. Make plans for the last months of the year – 3 to 5 objectives.
  7. Get in touch with your power to make choices. Where are you acting as if you don’t have a choice?


Last Group of the Year

Declutter Group


Why do I think the declutter group would be helpful to you?

  • You can establish the declutter habit
  • You can get unstuck if you have not been decluttering
  • You can get help with specific items and declutter situations. Wouldn’t you love to go, "I have this ______, what should I do with it?"
  • A group to cheer you on and to be accountable to

Starts Sept 24, 2012

And just to let you know, the price next year is going up. This is time consuming for me, so even though I love running the group I need to up the price for January.


100 Day Challenge

Love this 100 Day Challenge to get things done the final days of 2012. I have done it the past few years : (this is an affiliate link)

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