Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. A new month. I love October. Fall walks, apple cider and my birthday. This week the family and I went to Art Prize, the world’s largest art competition right in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Wooden Horses in the Grand River

Bench with the words of the book the Giving Tree inscribed

Recycled Dragon

Dragon made of recycled materials

I’ve also just become a monthly columnist for Buddha Chick Life. Here’s my first column:

10 Ideas to Simplify Your Workplace

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. When you plan time for tasks and projects include set up time and cleaning up.
  2. How have you been ending the day? Is it how you want to be?
  3. Plan Halloween costumes and fall events early.
  4. Focus on results not how long or hard you work.
  5. Donate clothes that are too much work for you to maintain.
  6. Go on a fast from judging, celebrity gossip, and pettiness.
  7. If you aren’t getting the results you want, you aren’t doing the right things.


You asked for a class on money

I sent out a survey asking what class you wanted and the money class won. Probably because I haven’t offered it since summer 2011.

Attention: Overwhelmed individuals whose financial lives seem out of control

Ask yourself: do you want be paralyzed with worry because you don’t know if you’ll have enough money to pay your bills? Do you know where all your bills are? Is your current money system scattered and not working? Or worse, do you have no money system except hope? We all want more financial security, but how do you do it?

Let me help you simplify your money systems: http://www.encouragingcoach.com/programs-moneyclass.html