Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. It’s been a rainy week here and another one coming up. One blustery day we went to Lake Michigan to see the waves.

See that person is red. About a minute later he was drenched as waves hit over the blue walkway.


Photos by Brea Dargis

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. How are is your chore system working? If it needs a refresher, try chore cards: http://www.theidearoom.net/2012/06/chore-cards.html
  2. Practice cleaning up and putting away when you complete something.
  3. Clutter is stuck energy. Where are you stuck?
  4. Watch your complaining. Facebook was full of it this morning.
  5. Use one less boxed food and more real food.
  6. Start with something easy if you aren’t moving forward.
  7. Remind yourself how good you will feel when you are done with your task.



Get into financial integrity

I sent out a survey asking what class you wanted and the money class won. Probably because I haven’t offered it since summer 2011.

This class will help you:

  • get your finances in order
  • start saving
  • create a plan to get out of debt
  • consolidate, automate and simplify your system
  • create a simple spending plan

Each class will bring you closer to financial integrity. And you’ll find you are not alone.

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  • Jorge Blanco says:

    “Practice cleaning up and putting away when you complete something.”

    My friend says she’s been trying to do this and make it a habit but her house still gets messy. Perhaps it’s because she’s got a 1 year old to “clean up” after her cleaning. And perhaps because she’s the only one doing the cleaning. She’s told her husband about helping out many times but it just doesn’t work. Any advice on what she could do to get her husband to help out or minimize the clutter her little boy is making?

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