Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. This past Saturday I went on a retreat at a Domincan Center in Grand Rapids. Retreats are a great way to check back in with yourself, to settle your mind and to enjoy yourself. When can you plan to take time for yourself next?

Sending prayers to the East Coast. Be safe!

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. When you put things on to do list add where can find action item: email, Google reader, calendar, take action folder, etc.
  2. Write down action steps when you read something in a magazine, book or blog post. You don’t have to keep the information. Use the information.
  3. Plan for a few minutes of quiet today.
  4. Remember that you are loved, no matter what mistakes you make.
  5. Reframe worry and nervousness into, "This is a time I get to practice getting better at something."
  6. Start your day filling your well and creating, not consuming news, facebook and email.
  7. When work starts feeling like work, stop and ask what you need.



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