Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. I have been working with a fitness instructer and a nutrition expert for a fresh start, exciting program for January.

This weekend, my daughter and I made Thanksgiving cards. (See blog post below for pix)

In 2009 I did a class called 5 Steps to a Saner, Simpler Life with Marcia and I don’t seem to have the recording. If anyone has it can they email it to me at beth@mysimplerlife.com?

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. Don’t guilt yourself when you need to rest – you are a living being, not a robot.
  2. What process do you do often that you can systemize.
  3. Reflect on what you learned the previous week.
  4. Make a decision on some paper that has been hanging around.
  5. Try eating less of something, rather than eliminate it totally – at least in the beginning.
  6. Write down any to dos that are wandering around your head.
  7. What and who do you love?



Simple Holiday Plan PLUS Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Do you want a holiday plan that doesn’t have you do a million things you just don’t have time for?

I’ve tried the holiday plans that are online. But, I never finished them. Having simplified my Christmas I didn’t use many of the parts of those plans. And they just made me feel guilty.

Would you like a simpler holiday plan ?

I created a plan that I use to keep my holidays organized without overwhelming me.

Plan includes:

  • a checklist for each week
  • simple steps to take to create the holiday you want
  • short cuts and simplifications for many holiday tasks
  • questions to help you decide what is important to you and your family
  • worksheets and forms

Bundle it with the Simple Annual Plan to help plan your year ahead.

Simple Holiday Plan PLUS the Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Or get the holiday plan alone: Simple Holiday Plan

And the declutter calendar in beautiful calendar form is here. Great for presents.




Keep your life more organized for 2013 with this day-by-day guide to decluttering your life!


This calendar is brought to you by My Simpler Life & La Lovely Ink.



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