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Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. My daughter got up close to this magnificent Great Blue Heron on a family hike this week:

 Great Blue Heron

And I thought you’d all like to know that the 2013 Declutter Calendar is available to download for people on the Weekly Simplicity Tips list: https://www.mysimplerlife.com/decluttercalendar.htm

Also if you are looking for lovely gifts to send, my mother-in-law sells wonderful smelling soy candles: http://jodargis.scent-team.com

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips


  1. Have adult children pick up their old stuff. You may be surprised they don’t want it any longer and you can get rid of their stuff guilt-free.
  2. Make your entryway functional not a place to throw things.
  3. Take a picture of your license plate on your phone and email it to yourself. So next time you won’t have to run back to the car when asked.
  4. The holiday season is not a competition.
  5. Big furniture and TVs take up a lot of space. Consider smaller ones if you have a smaller place.
  6. A nightstand can add more storage space to a small bathroom.
  7. Don’t use lateness as an adrenaline rush.


Simple Holiday Plan PLUS Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Do you want a holiday plan that doesn’t have you do a million things you just don’t have time for?

I’ve tried the holiday plans that are online. But, I never finished them. Having simplified my Christmas I didn’t use many of the parts of those plans. And they just made me feel guilty.

Would you like a simpler holiday plan ?

I created a plan that I use to keep my holidays organized without overwhelming me.

Plan includes:

  • a checklist for each week
  • simple steps to take to create the holiday you want
  • short cuts and simplifications for many holiday tasks
  • questions to help you decide what is important to you and your family
  • worksheets and forms

Bundle it with the Simple Annual Plan to help plan your year ahead.

Simple Holiday Plan PLUS the Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Or get the holiday plan alone: Simple Holiday Plan



Who do you know that wants to declutter and would enjoy this beautiful calendar?

Keep your life more organized for 2013 with this day-by-day guide to decluttering your life!


This calendar is brought to you by My Simpler Life & La Lovely Ink.





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