Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips. It was actually warm yesterday so my daughter and I got out into the wetlands. Today is back to cold and it should snow any time now.

You can find my latest guest post here on products and beauty. I find one of the ways of keeping changes is by changing habits. A few years ago I did a series on 52 different changes you can make. I thought it might be helpful for you as we begin a new year: http://www.encouragingcoach.com/52/52tipsarchive.html

Thanks for all the notes you are sending about the Declutter Calendar. I appreciate them. And if you prefer an actual calendar to hang in your kitchen I have the Lovely Declutter Calendar.

Warmly, Beth

Weekly Tips

  1. If you have an iPhone, try the free life enhancement app Bloom to keep you motivated.
  2. Or if you are on Pinterest, create a board to help you remember you goals, wishes and feelings you want to have this year.
  3. Affirmation cards and other cards like Cheryl Richardson’s Self-Care cards make great bookmarks. And you can look over the cards every time you pick up the book.
  4. Update your Simple Spending Plan.
  5. Decide which day of the week will be your errand day.
  6. Schedule all your dentist, doctor and vet appointments for the year.
  7. Look for a way to be extra kind to someone today.

Declutter Group

Join me as we create a great plan for decluttering your life and enjoy fun support! Wouldn’t it feel great to have your home with a lot less clutter by March?

I was talking with someone about what makes my courses different than other declutter/organizational courses. She said it’s because I deal with the emotional aspects and blocks on why we aren’t decluttering in the first place. It’s not all, "O.k. now do this."

This course usually pays for itself as people sell off their clutter. There is a limited amount of room in the group.

Starts Jan 21, 2013



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