Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

This issue is a day late because I was celebrating my 21st wedding anniversary. We had some beautiful time outside. And when it got cooler, we went indoors to see Star Trek.


We also saw a Parasailer on Lake Michigan. Spectacular to watch!




Photos by Beth Dargis

Also it’s time for some summer planning (or winter planning in the other hemishere. You can find my summer planning worksheet here.

And my guest post on Seasonal Scavenger Hunts


Warmly, Beth


Weekly Tips

  1. Ask yourself, What’s next?" instead of passively getting stuck in email or facebook.
  2. Notice how many fears and worries you have this week & how many did not come true.
  3. What can you be grateful about for a difficult circumstance?
  4. What is one way you can be kind to yourself this week?
  5. What is one way you can be kind to another person this week?
  6. What negative story about yourself or someone else can you let go of?
  7. Finish a book you have been wanting to for awhile.


Simple Self Care Class

Starts June 24th

Are you too busy to take care of yourself?


  • Do you feel drained of energy?
  • Do you wish you could make time for yourself?
  • Do you feel it’s unnecessary to take care of yourself?
  • Do you spend most of your time doing things you have to do rather than want to do?
  • Are you less joyful than you used to be?
  • Are you out of shape and not as healthy as you wish?

I want to get you out of martyr mode with simple ways to take care of yourself without tons of time.

For the first time I am teaching my coaching program and workbook as a class for more support as you make these important changes.


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