Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

This is what we saw on our nature walk this week (including some tadpoles):

Photo Collage

Photos by Brea Dargis


Warmly, Beth


Weekly Tips

  1. Where in your work process can you be more efficient?
  2. Be extremely clear and precise in phone messages for less phone tag and leave your phone number twice.
  3. Take a look at the amount of alone time you are getting. Does that need tweaking?
  4. When you make requests or decline invitations, do so in a loving tone.
  5. Breathe in gratitude, exhale gratitude.
  6. Remember most fear is a figment of our imagination.
  7. All change is small change – the smallest changes can put you on the road to a simpler life.


Simple Self Care Class

Starts June 24th

Are you too busy to take care of yourself?


  • Do you feel drained of energy?
  • Do you wish you could make time for yourself?
  • Do you feel it’s unnecessary to take care of yourself?
  • Do you spend most of your time doing things you have to do rather than want to do?
  • Are you less joyful than you used to be?
  • Are you out of shape and not as healthy as you wish?

I want to get you out of martyr mode with simple ways to take care of yourself without tons of time.

For the first time I am teaching my coaching program and workbook as a class for more support as you make these important changes.


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