Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

This week Brea and I went strawberry picking. Michigan strawberries right after they’ve been picked are the best. (Of course, they are all I’ve ever picked so I may be biased.)

A reminder for you:

I don't get more done when I hurry


Another reminder – the Simple Self Care class starts this evening. If you are feeling tired, run-down and want more energy & to get your sparkle back without a lot of time committment, this is for you.

This is the start of the last half of the year. How are your goals coming? If you want a jump start, check out this report and video:

100 Day Challenge free report and video series

[Affiliate link, I love this challenge and have taken it often]

Warmly, Beth


Weekly Tips

  1. Put in your schedule I time to be on retreat. I was so renewed from my past weekend.
  2. How can you make your work life more fulfillng?
  3. So something kind for yourself today.
  4. Your past is not wasted, everything can be used to help build you.
  5. “Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates
  6. If your to do list is not being used lately, try turning it into a game with points.
  7. Organize your materials and how you will do the work before you start.

Simple Self-Care Class

Starts June 24th

Are you too busy to take care of yourself?

Do you want to feel energized? Light? Rejuvenated? To live with zest, spirit and strength?

For the first time I am teaching my coaching program and workbook as a class for more support as you make these important changes.


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