Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

Back from Labor Day weekend trip to a lake with friends and family. Unpacked, a load of laundry in the washer, mail gone through and now time to do the Tips. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.


Lily flower


Pictures by Brea Dargis

Warmly, Beth


Weekly Tips

  1. What are you storing, just in case? What would be a better use of that space?
  2. Sell your old textbooks for cash as a new school season is here.
  3. Don’t take the free, cheap pens.
  4. Before you buy it, ask if you are willing to do the work to maintain it.
  5. Edit your wardrobe and carefully select your pieces so you don’t have a closet of clothes that kind of fit and you kind of like.
  6. Buy packages of the same sock to make matching socks faster.
  7. Say no to ask many kid’s freebies as possible – kids’ meal toys, party favors, noisemakers – things that only amuse for a short time before becoming clutter.


New Time Class- Limited Room – September 9, 2013

Attention: Hurried, overwhelmed individuals with too much too do and not enough time to do it

5 Reasons You’re Going to Want This Class

1. "I just don’t have enough time," will no longer be your mantra.

2. You’ll find rushing isn’t a necessity.

3. You will get through your to do’s with more focus. Taking action is good. Feeling scattered is not.

4. You will discover how to feel like you and what you do is enough.

5. To do lists are yours that won’t seize you up as soon as you look at them.


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