Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

The Declutter Calendar is at the printer’s for the print version, so I hope to have that to sell in the next couple weeks for gifts or a pretty calendar for yourself.

My article Healing and Grieving is up at Meditate Like a Girl.

Make sure you see some of the sunsets. My friends and I have been seeing the most beautiful sunsets lately.

And from the archives:

Decluttering for the Holidays

Warmly, Beth


Weekly Tips


  1. Focus on finishing rather than doing this week.
  2. Purge old instructions and warranties.
  3. Notice any tendencies to be addicted to chaos – and how you may intentionally complicate things.
  4. Set time to do somedeep, long-term planning. Maybe now or after the holiday season.
  5. Set work hours and do your best to stick with them.
  6. Ask someone for help with a goal you have.
  7. What problem to you have lately? Use your resourcefulness and creativity to come up with solutions.

Simple Holiday Plan PLUS Simple Annual Plan Bundle

Do you want a holiday plan that doesn’t have you do a million things you just don’t have time for?

I’ve tried the holiday plans that are online. But, I never finished them. Having simplified my Christmas I didn’t use many of the parts of those plans. And they just made me feel guilty.

Would you like a simpler holiday plan?

I created a plan that I use to keep my holidays organized without overwhelming me.

Plan includes:

  • a checklist for each week
  • simple steps to take to create the holiday you want
  • short cuts and simplifications for many holiday tasks
  • questions to help you decide what is important to you and your family
  • worksheets and forms

Bundle it with the Simple Annual Plan to help plan your year ahead.

Simple Holiday Plan PLUS the Simple Annual Plan Bundle

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