Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

My husband and I headed out to Lake Michigan. This is what it looks like this week. The piers are usually surrounded by water. Now they are surrounded by hills of snow and ice and sledders.

Weekly Tips

  1. A beautiful bowl from the kitchen can hold your rings, watch and wallet on your dresser.
  2. Put a small recycling bin where you open your mail.
  3. Keep a laundry basket or box in the laundry room for clothes to give to charity.
  4. Where are you feeling stifled? Is there anyway to bring more freedom into that area of your life?
  5. Think of one way to give support to a loved one this week.
  6. Finish one project before starting another one.
  7. Get someone to massage your back or use one my my favorite tools Body Back Buddy.

and from the archives:

Organizing and decorating the bathroom

Starts Monday March 10 – plus a free Energy for Joy Plan

Habits class

Clean KitchenIf some of the habits you want to create are health related, join the 3 week Habits and Rythms class now and you’ll get the 3-Month Energy for Joy Health Plan for free.

Do you remember the I asked my readers what class they would like and they said one that combines what they’ve learned in the time, finance, declutter and self-care classes to help create habits and rhythms.

It’s time to put it all together.

Even if you haven’t taken the other classes, this will be a great class to create those habits you keep wanting to create.

Format: Weekly chat sessions at 8pm ET Mondays (transcript is sent if you can’t attend)

Then we can check in as much as you would like for accountability in the private facebook group. This will be where you really make the changes. If you have been wanting to make habits stick, but they don’t seem to stick on your own, the support may be what you need.

This class will only be $17. So if you have been wanting to try one of my classes this is a great one to start with.

Habits Class


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