Weekly Simplicity Tips


Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

It was a gorgeous spring Easter weekend. We stayed outside as much as possible. The choir sang twice this week so there was also much music.


Bird in Tree

Just a note: April’s Declutter Group starts next Monday. It is the last one of the year.


Weekly Tips

  1. May is typically when I do a spending fast, only buying what I need. Is this something you want to do?
  2. Use that changing of the seasons energy to declutter what you don’t want.
  3. Challenge yourself to eat without a box or a can for a day, week or month.
  4. Simplify your schedule and see what you are doing only because you want to keep up with the Jones’.
  5. What problem are you struggling with? Use your creativity to come up with multiple solutions you can try out.
  6. If it’s not working, do something else. Don’t just try harder.
  7. Plan to do something that makes your heart happy.

Declutter Group starts Monday April 28th

Declutter Group

I asked the last class what they wanted you to know about the Declutter Group and here are some of the comments:

– I got more decluttering done during this class than any time in the past 10 years!

– I am still slowly decluttering, although I haven’t done any decluttering yet today. But I’ve never stayed with it this well before.

– The 5 minute commitment works. It’s reassuring to see others are struggling with it too as there’s some shame/embarrassment when you’ve always got clutter. I think it’s a good supportive environment too that encourages you to continue.

– I thought the manual was excellent.

I’ve found people that have spent years trying to declutter only to quit, make wonderful progress in this group setting.

Join us at the end of the month for my most popular class:

Get a Handle of Your Declutter Group

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