Weekly Simplicity Tips

Weekly Simplicity Tips

Welcome to this week’s issue of Weekly Simplicity Tips.

1. Take time to quiet your mind and breathe

2. How is your spiritual life right now?

3. Think of something you’d like to learn more about

4. Experiment with saying no to every new commitment this week

5. Eliminate one errand trip this week

6. Watch what you add until your current calendar, finances and storage are under control

7. Your first hour sets the tone for the day, what tone are you setting?


Virtual Seminar

Check out this ‘virtual seminar’ happening soon. It has 35 speakers, most you may have heard of before like Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Harv Eker author of “The Millionaire Mind”, and fitness legend Kathy Smith. I am so excited to learn from these inspiring people.


One-on-one coaching

I am creating my schedule for fall right now and have room for 3 new coaching clients. If you are committed to simplifying your life and finding out what is most important to you, check out my Coaching FAQ: http://www.encouragingcoach.com/coaching.htm

and if that sounds good, sign up for a Free Exploratory Session to see if we make a good fit:



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Warmly, Beth Dargis


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