Weekly Simplicity Tips


1. Complete something you are procrastinating on.

2. Wake up on time for the rest of the week.

3. Find a way to work less or not at all in the evenings.

4. Make a doctor’s appointment to take care of a nagging medical issue.

5. List all your bills and when you are going to pay them.

6. Tell people what you want instead of making them mind read.

7. Plan something to look forward to every day in the coming week.


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  • Alan says:

    Thanks for these reminders. They are really very helpful. Sometimes reminding someone about the things they procrastinate is a good thing, but it’s not good to tell them often that they’ll just rely on you to remember them.

  • Charity says:

    I really like your Tips this week! Especially numbers 1, 4 and 7!! I think it is good to have something to look forward to each week. Even if it’s something little, like your favorite meal!

  • Beth Dargis says:

    Thanks Alan and Charity – I appreciate your comments!

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