Weekly Simplicity Tips and Cleansweeping Your Life


1. Check your tools – do you use them? Do they work?
2. Where are your expectations unrealistic?
3. Show gratitude to people who help you (even when they "should").
4. Match your task to your energy.
5. Keep toys in their bedroom or play room.
6. Re-evaluate your spending plan.
7. Are you playing the victim or martyr?


New Simple Self Care Playbook

I got an email from someone saying they would like to do the Simple Self Care Program, but didn’t need the coaching and did I have it in eBook form. I replied, "No I don’t, but that’s a great idea!" So I spent the past few days putting the self care program into a workbook, I mean Playbook.

You can find it right under the Simple Self Care Program:


(It’s also more affordable if the self-care program was too much.)


Clean Sweep Your Life

This is a 10-week interactive program about getting your life in order. Clean Sweep will help you get rid of many of your energy drains.
The Clean Sweep Program is designed to clear out your life of unresolved matters and habits holding you back from the life you want.
Are you surrounded by clutter and feeling overwhelmed?
Do you long to have more energy?
Do you often pay bills late?
Do you spend lots of time with people that drain your energy?
Do you spend your evenings watching TV because you are too tired to do anything else?
Do you want to exercise but it feels like too much work?

Learn more about the Clean Sweep Program here:


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